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Watercolour Velvet Art Posters (pack of 24 assorted)


Always get a professional finish with our Watercolour Velvet Art Posters, any mishaps gets absorbed by the velvet so you get perfect results every time. Printed on watercolour paper, you can blend colours according to taste. 6 each of 4 designs to delight any art lover. Lovely bold, tactile designs making this an ideal craft activity for older care home residents including anyone with dementia or a sight impairment.


XL Snakes and Ladders


Extra large version of the popular game. This all wooden set is perfect for older people as the sturdy board won't bend and has recessed holes for the playing pieces to sit in so no slipping. Playing pieces are large and chunky and fit neatly into the hand, making this ideal for older care home residents. Good colour contrast makes this easy for anyone with a sight impairment to see too. Incorporates numeracy, spacial awareness and hand/eye coordination.