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Music is the key to life! And we have something for everyone's tastes here. From wartime songs to the 1980s pop hits, you will find just what you're looking for. From CD sets to karaoke DVDs, the choice is yours.

All of our songbooks have bold, large print and are ideal for older people with lesser eyesight to follow. They can be photocopied or we offer individual songbooks - just order as many as you need. Our ready-to-go sets are ideal for busy care home activity coordinators.

Music and singing is a proven therapy that can unlock treasured memories for those with dementia and can help 'awaken' someone's personality and provide an insight into their past lives. Why not add a few instruments to help with rhythm and add interest to a music therapy session.

Why not turn back the clock with our Singalong Tea Dance CD and songbook set. Separated into popular ballroom dance tempos, those with the skill can dance away to the music while others sing along to the words. If you just want to brush up on your dancing technique without the singing, our Ballroom Dancing Music CD is the perfect accompaniment to the sequins!

Kings of Comedy is just the thing to raise a laught on a dull afternoon or evening, packed with sketches and hilarious songs from the likes of the Goons, Peter Sellers, Tony Hancock etc. It make a great gift to cheer someone up too.

Get the feather boa and strut along to the Rolling Stones and Beatles Karaoke or for those who love the movies, why not choose our Ultimate Musicals Karaoke to enjoy singing along to?

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Memories of Music - 1950's & 1960's


Lovely pictures to aid in conversation or just to look at while listening to some classics

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