Social & Classic Games for Care Homes

Social Games for Care Homes

Social interaction is an important topic in care homes as a positive interaction between residents has a big impact on their wellbeing. One of the best ways to get people interacting in a subtle way is through games. Pretty much all games will aid social interaction, but we have singled out these ones that are being particularly effective and enjoyable to play.  We have also added the Classic Games to this section as most are Social Games too.  They come in different shapes and sizes but we are sure you will find a classic for everyone to enjoy.

Why not host a quiz evening? The Pub Trivia Quiz Game is great fun - you could even add some beer!

It can sometimes be a daunting prospect when going into a residential home for the first time. These games are perfect for helping new residents settle in and get to know their fellow residents too. Our Toss and Talk Ball - Getting to Know You is perfect for this. Many can be played either seated or standing and are printed on large bold text, so should ensure that everyone can join in the fun.

Why not get some gentle exercise while you play a game - our range of Target Mats is a fun way to get everyone moving you just need to throw a beanbag onto the questions - those throwing can always nominate someone else to answer if they wish.

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The Big Games Night


Everything you need for a fun night in! Fun set of games to play to get everyone up and laughing. Set includes: Charades, Who am I?, Back To The Drawing Board & Don't Say A Word, dice, timer, pencils, answer pad, 4 x headbands and instructions.

£16.99 £12.75

PicLink Game


PicLink is a highly versatile game intended for those with developmental disorders as well as older people living with a dementia. Uses colour/type recognition but can also be used for same/different, memory recall and encourage conversation. 36 durable cards to use with a group or individual. Includes suggestions on how to use the resource. Clear photographic images to help jog memory and past experiences.

£32.99 £29.99

Guess What They're Thinking


Observe the different images, then put yourself in the characters shoes and try to guess what they're thinking? 54 varied fun images with 22 blank dialogue shapes to help express your opinions.


Colour Placement Tiles (144 assorted)


These Colour Placement Tiles will brighten up everyone's day. Can be used for colour matching, contrast, similar tone e.g pastel or vibrant, games such as using a colour and asking what items are that colour and then extending it to talk about one of the items in more detail, personal memories, likes/dislikes. Makes a versatile activity for care home residents for individual or groups.


Giant Foam Noughts and Crosses


A well-loved traditional game in a jumbo size with easy-to-handle, brightly coloured foam pieces.


Royal Trivia Quiz


A Royal Quiz Night


Answer Buzzers set of 4


Set of 4 fun buzzers to use in quizzes and games


Dice Poppers set of 2


Set of 2 caged dice