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British Flags (pack of 12)


Lightweight handheld union jack flags


Cheerleader Pom Pom (pack of 4 assorted)


Our Cheerleader Pom Pom set is just the thing to wave during a gentle fitness session. With one each of blue, red, green and yellow, the lightweight plastic streamers waft about and help to tone upper arms and bodies - especially useful for older people in care homes. People with later-stage dementia enjoy waving them during music singalong sessions too! Washable.


England Balloons (pack of 30)


Celebrate St George's Day or the European Cup with our England Balloons. Large pack of 30 latex balloons that transform any room or garden into a party atmosphere -guaranteed to raise anyone's spirits. Why not give everyone a flag to wave or even wear an English-themed Top Hat! Ideal for care homes to help everyone enjoy national sporting events and celebrations.


Football Hanging Swirls (pack of 5)


Fun Football Hanging Swirls room decoration - pack of 5 spiral card party shapes. Just the thing for a birthday party for a football fan or to hang during a football tournament. Ideal care home activity - why not team with our football fun bunting too. Activity coordinators could organise a game of walking football for older residents using our pop up football goals and a jumbo inflatable ball.