From an activities coordinator’s point of view having repeatedly to go to their management to ask for funding to purchase activities is not always easy or convenient. From the management’s perspective, it is also something they don’t necessarily want to spend their limited time on considering. So the idea behind subscriptions is that Activity Coordinator only needs to sit down with their management the one time and be able to secure continued stream activities as a result, and from management’s perspective they only need to consider this option once and know they have got this aspect covered.

The key benefits of subscriptions:

  • Only have to place one order
  • Only have to secure budgetary approval once
  • Don’t need to work out what you want to order
  • Get exposed to interesting items you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise consider

Not all customers are the same

Recognising that not all of our customers are the same, we offer a matrix of subscription options based on the ability level of the people who’ll be using the activities and the size of the groups of people e.g. the size of the kits. All of our subscriptions work on a quarterly basis, and each quarter will have items appropriate for the season alongside items that are more universally applicable.

Ability Level/Kit SizeSmallMediumLarge

What to expect in the box

With each delivery, you’ll get a selection of products in line with the ability level and kit size that you ordered. Below are a few examples to illustrate what to expect to receive. Alongside the products, you’ll get a reorder form in case you would like to order any of the specific items again, a feedback form so you can share your feedback with us so that we can improve what we send out, and some information to guide you how to get the most out of the products.


This would be appropriate for an activity coordinator working with a small group of people (5-10)  with a high degree of mental and physical impairment such as late-stage dementia.

Example items: Discussion cards, memorabilia pack, a sensory and tactile product for comfort/relaxation, nature DVD, Pictures to Share book and one of our Perfect Petzz.


This is aimed at activity coordinators working with groups more in the 10 – 20 range and with either a mixed range of capability or a moderate level of impairment.

Example items; 250 large piece jigsaw puzzle, craft kit/colouring kit, songbook & CD, Shape Sorting Cube, Dog Dominoes, Backgammon, lacing buttons, parachute, croquet, UK Snap and a doll.


This is ideal for activity coordinators who have larger or multiple groups to work with (20+), and where those people have a high degree of cognitive and physical ability.

Example items: inflatable game, confetti ball, boules, quiz game/book, colouring books/collage kit, 3 x tabletop games, songbook and CD, Reminiscence Box, musical instrument, jigsaw puzzle x 2, playing cards, bean bags, wooden table tennis set, Toss & Talk ball and darts game.

Of course, other combinations of ability and kit size are available – these are just to illustrate the idea.

There are two price levels depending on how you want to pay. You can either commit for a year, and pay one quarter at a time, or you can pay for the year in advance. The pricing for these two options is as follows:

Download your Subscriptions guide:

Download this sheet here: