The Crafty Way to Ageing Well

The Crafty Way to Ageing Well

There’s a definite nip in the air! Autumn is upon us and the urge to get outside is definitely lessening as the days turn chillier.

However, this is not reason to sit idle – now is the time to turn our thoughts to crafting and this is especially so for those who are in their more senior years. As we all get older, our lifestyles and priorities change but a sense of purpose is needed for all of us and none more so than older people who can often be left with feelings of depression and boredom.

Studies have shown six areas to ageing well: these include: a sense of purpose, interacting with others, personal growth, self-acceptance, autonomy and health. Creative activities, such as painting, knitting, writing etc help give a feeling of competence and enjoyment.

Here at Activities to Share, we strive to bring a sense of fun whatever the season, but especially so at this festive time. We source great kits for groups to create hanging decorations, cards and gifts that are designed to give professional results but for each participant to add their own personal touch.

What could be better than a group of people making decorations for a large Christmas tree, preferably a real one that gives off a pine scent and will remind people of their own past trees.  Decorations are made from wood, ceramic, paper, foil etc to enable lots of tactile fun and helps work fine motor skills with cutting, gluing etc. We also offer specialist easi-grip scissors for anyone with weak hand strength.

Our kits are sourced to be simple to set up for the staff as we understand how busy their time is, so this give more scope for enjoyment and assisting where necessary (or even making joining in with their own creation?)

We also have a vast range of paints, colouring equipment, craft papers and fabrics and a wide assortment of pretty embellishments to peel and stick, glue or sew on, from glitter card and glue to eco-friendly wooden tree decorations. Why not take a look at our Creativity, Arts and Crafts section on our website, look under ‘Celebrations’ for all things festive including festive kits, decorations and cards etc. New items are added on a weekly basis so keep an eye out to see what’s new!

For Activity Coordinators that have little time, we can help with seasonal craft and activity ideas. See our Activity Blog idea sheets – currently these are FREE and offer twice-monthly advice and crafting ideas. Just see ‘Sign Up’ and send us your email details.

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