This toolbox has 12 pieces and is a great reminiscence activity for dementia patients, the tools can be held and talked about a favourit with men

For men with a  dementia like Alzheimer's  who may like to reminisce about past occupations this is an ideal, tactile way to trigger those memories. The toolbox helps staff to create meaningful conversations about DIY, craft occupations; and household tasks, and we might learn something from the men too!

This Toolbox contains 12 safe quality crafted wooden tools. The drill is fixed to the lid with velcro, the other tools are secured with light wooden catches. Tools include: spanners; chisel; plyers; hammer; set square and others. Tools are brightly coloured, light to hold and contained each in their own place in a wooden box with handle and latch opening.

This toolbox is a great reminiscence activity for dementia patients, the tools can be used and will create conversation and discussion.

Also suitable for people with learning disabilities

Measures: Box size: (l) 31cm x (w) 24cm x (d) 6cm.

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