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Monopoly Deal Card Game


Play a game of Monopoly but in card form! Collect 3 card sets to win. Pay with your money cards plus action cards allow you to collect rent and make deals. Space-saving and takes less time to play - you can play a game in just 15 minutes. Makes an ideal cognitive game for older people in care homes.


Retro Metal Jacks Game


Many older people will fondly remember playing Jacks from their childhood, our Retro Metal Jacks Game is fun to play but needs a quick response and good hand/eye coordination! Set includes 10 metal jacks and 2 x colourful bouncy balls. Makes a great reminiscence aid to pass around and use for discussion about childhood memories for care home residents - especially for anyone with a dementia.


Sea Battle Game


Similar to the traditional game of Battleships, this eco-friendly wooden game of Sea Battle is played in just the same way. Try to outsmart your opponent as you take turns to call out coordinates and deduce the position of each other’s fleet. A firm favourite for older people in care homes - this game is great to keep minds and hands active. Wooden board game set includes wooden games board, 2 sets of battleships & pins. Ideal cognitive game.


Tabletop Ten Pin Bowling Set


This Tabletop Ten Pin Bowling Set gives you all the thrills without taking up so much room. Just guide the ball down the chute to try to get a 'strike'. Eco friendly beech wood construction with metal balls for a smooth action. Balls fall into a tray underneath for automatic return. Also incorporates a neat drawer underneath for storage of the cones. Ideal for older people in care homes who will remember the game well from their younger days. Requires concentration, planning and patience.