Make your own tactile Union Jack Flag

Great to hang in the window as the tinsel will catch the sun and reflect the bright colours.

Easy to make for your Jubilee celebrations, then recycle the tinsel for making more suncatcher decorations and use the blue backing to make an underwater collage or night sky picture - paint some planets.  Or simply use to put photos of the celebration to display and use the tinsel to frame the board.

Instructions included.

IDEA: Make A4 size flag and fold over some string or ribbon to make a suncatcher bunting strip, hang where the sun will catch it.  Or make one big flag and hang in a hallway so people with a sight impairment can trace their fingers along the tinsel to feel the Union Jack flag.

Kit includes:

2 x Red Tinsel

2 x White/Silver Tinsel

1 x Blue Crepe Paper