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Here you will find information on organisations that can offer real practical help and advice for carers, whether they be working in the care sector or those at home caring for loved ones.

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The Stormz community

The Stormz Community is a unique place where people come together to share their love of music, make friends and create memories.

Our Mission

To encourage people of all ages and abilities to become members and regularly get together in their local communities.  To form new friendships with like minded people and to promote mental health and well being through music, reducing loneliness and isolation and setting aside life’s challenges if only for a few hours or a day.

Our Vision

That through the Power of Music we can create a community that is richly fulfilling for its members.  

A place where music, friends and memories are made.  

A Community that builds self-esteem, reduces isolation and has a profoundly positive effect on Wellbeing

Spectacular Concert 

via your device for your care home residents to enjoy!

Ben Thompson is ELVIS!

Stormz Community Elvis Concert | Activities to Share

View a clip of this wonderful show:
Buy tickets (only £24*) from:
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2 for £39
3 for £54
4 for £69
Unlimited concerts - £99 per year
Coming soon - Kennedy Caitlin is Dolly!


Keep Families in Touch with Famileo

Famileo is a solution that helps care homes make sure their residents remain socially engaged with their family & community.

With Famileo, residents receive every week/month a paper magazine from their family, filled with news and pictures from their loved ones. This works as a mobile application where they can write to their grandma/grandpa in a care home, an easy way to maintain the bond with them.

Once the care home has subscribed to Famileo, family and friends download the app on their smartphone, tablet or computer. They can then easily upload photos and messages to the app. The platform is confidential; relatives can only access pictures and messages from their own family.

Famileo then reorganises the content and formats it all into a folded magazine. Each week the newspaper is printed and delivered to the resident.

It improves communication between the family and the resident and can provide a vital tool to keep in touch.

Click here to see a sample magazine.

Famileo is already enjoyed by more than 100,000 families in 2,000 care homes across Europe.

To learn more about Famileo, please see video below:

If you are interested in setting up Famileo within your care home or family setting, please contact:


New! Life Story Guide Book

Life Story Guide Book

This Life Story Guide Book includes an easy to follow 10 point plan, top tips and best practice guidelines to enable you to design and print your own Life Story book.

Designed for both families and care workers, this 48-page guide takes the guesswork out of an invaluable experience for those working or living with older people who have a dementia.

There are different templates so you can choose between a weekend project or a longer more in-depth experience.

A questionnaire is included that can be edited online in order to help produce bespoke and sensitively focussed interviews.

If you need extra help there is also ongoing email support offered.

Life Story work offers several benefits:

  • The actual process is therapeutic and creatively rewarding
  • Sharing memories and family history can help bring families together and creates a legacy for future generations
  • The finished book can help inform future care needs and improves person-centred care
  • Capturing someone’s Life Story is a perfect way to celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary

For more details click here.


Happy Times TV


Tune in for daily Movement, Drama, Games and Musical activities at home - Recorded by us here at the centre!


Watch on your PC, Phone, Laptop or SMART TV


1) Visit:


2) Click on the Yellow Banner with the TV


3) Call for your password: 0151 6410716/ 07872 824337


This service is free, however if you would like to show your support, you can donate via the website or pop it into the centre.


We hope that you enjoy Happy Times at home and be sure to let us know what you think.Your feedback help us to bring more of what you want.


Take care and look forward to seeing you in real life again soon!


From all the team at Happy Times!




The NAPA Helpline

The NAPA Helpline team are here to help family members, Individual practitioners and care teams provide activity and engagement for the people they support. They can provide specialist practical and emotional support through our phone or email service.

If you need help or advice regarding engagement and activities contact the NAPA Helpline.

Call us: 020 7078 9375 email us:

Our Helpline is staffed exclusively by experienced activity providers.

What happens when I call or email?

One of our Helpline Team will listen and provide advice and support. If it’s useful we can follow up with an email, with links to helpful resources.

Golden Carers -



NHS Kent & Medway

Help to Care – NHS & Social Care Kent & Medway have launched an app:




Free Advice: 

Need advice on Coronavirus? Age UK have free guides and help for any concerns you may have.

Or do you have a loved one with Dementia who you are looking after and need advice on how you can make them comfortable during this time? Here's some advice from Dementia UK




Many people get confused about the different types of dementia - click below for an informative video by Alzheimer's Research explaining the differences in the disease:-




For up to date information on dementia - click onto our link to the BBC's Living With Dementia page below:


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