Care Sector - Orientation and Information Boards

Communication Board - Activities to Share

Care homes can be busy places and we can all do with a little help at times. Our range of helpful boards and guidebooks are just the thing to help staff and residents alike understand what is the order of the day.

Our ever popular Date and Weather Boards are used extensively in many care homes and hospitals and residents will enjoy taking turns to be the 'weather monitor' to slide the relevant tiles into place showing the weather, day and date and any notes for the day.

Choosing meals can prove difficult if there are language barriers or for anyone with a speech impediment. Our Menu Boards make it so easy for residents to just point at the picture for breakfast, lunch and dinner - there are 80 different images to choose from and extra blank tiles to put your own photographs on too. Why not also use a Communication Board to also help where speech and language barriers exist, wipe clean and long lasting 'little helpers'.