For uses in Arts, Crafts and Afternoon Tea

Doilies are not just for making plates look nice - even though they are handy for that to.

Use to make snowflake decorations - stick to an old CD covering the label side and then decorate the snowflake with shiny rhinestones, buttons, silver foil or write a word of inspiration in glitter glue

Use to make fairy or butterfly wings, use dolly pegs for the body - fold the doilie in half and cut out a shape for the wings, stick to the dolly peg.

Place your butterfly or fairy in the garden or amoungst plants around the home.

Use to create a flower suncatcher - fold 2 doilies in half and cut out the middle part, stick one colour sheet of tissue paper to cover the middle then stick torn up tissue paper tothe surrounding areas in whatever colours you like and stick another doilie on the other side so it sandwiches the tissue paper inside to make it double sided. Hang in a window to see the flower shine in.

Big Pack of 250 Doilies

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